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📌Membership fees:

to attend league events you have to pay a registration fee (200Kč, 7,5€ or 8,6€). Link - enter your PSN nickname, name and your last name.
The membership fee is always paid at the end of the calendar year.

Everyone has to register on our website and after the payment everyone who already paid gets a badge. Only by the badge we know who can and cannot attend the events.

Admin of the league has rights to cancel the membership, remove a member from the chat or permanently kick the member after repeatedly violating the rules (e.g. refusing to stream, vulgar behavior, etc.)


Competing with regular fighters in the scales from Bantamweight to Light Heavyweight.

We ask participants to contact your opponent as fast as possible and to tell the Admins date and time that you have agreed on.

If the opponent will not contact you after you tried to reach him, also let the Admins know. If someone will try to delay will be disqualified.

Every stream or recording you got, you have to send to DIRECT MESSAGE to the Admins (Jan Samuel Jureček, Roman Novák, Miško Miškovič)

If someone doesn't send the stream or the recording no later than the day after the end of the event it's going to count as a DEFEAT!

🥊Gala Evenings:

are held in scales from Bantamweight to Light Heavyweight gradually and before every gala evening there will be an announcement of the registration which will take place on our website If you decide to enter the event and sign in, it is very important to attend. If you sign in and will not communicate with an opponent your rank automatically drops 4 frames down. If it happens again in the next event right after, you get kicked from the league without the possibility of return. When sending the registration form, you will receive a confirmation email that you have successfully registered for the event. The matches will then determine the leadership in terms of prestige or the nearest fighter ranks. They will have three or four days to play and it is only up to them when the match will take place. The link to the stream from the match is then sent by one of the fighters into the Gym chat and also sent to one of the Admins to the direct message. The stream ends after the winner's celebrations, all cutscenes are played, do not skip anything! After the event, the ranks will be updated on this website. All matches are streamed, so it is necessary to have your YouTube account and be able to stream the match (if necessary, someone in the chat will be happy to advise you on how to do it).

Avoiding streaming of the events will be considered a violation of the rules.


You will earn a move up on the leaderboard not only by winning your fights but also by being active. Inactivity in events will have ALMOST such an effect on the rank as a loss. To give an example: a fighter in 15th position wins his match and should place in 13th position, with 14th and 13th losing but 12th and 11th did not participating in the event. In this case, the winning fighter in the 15th position will move in front of the two who did not play, i.e to position 11th (basically the winner will be removed from his position, all other nominees will move and the winner will take up the vacated 11th position). If circumstances allow, the shift / fall in the leaderboard will also be affected by how big the difference in the placement of fighters in the leaderboard is, for example: if you are in 10th position and you are assigned someone from the TOP 5 and you win, you can count on moving more upwards than if you beat the 6th. Each card will have its Main Event, which will always last five rounds
The Main Event is determined by the significance or hype around the fight (title fight, rivalry, challenge, etc.)


Every fighter has the opportunity to challenge. The difference compared to a normal match is, in addition to the predetermined composition of the match, also that it is not only a shift in the leaderboard but also the position of both fighters. Example: you will be the 15th and you will challenge the 5th and you will win, then you will jump to "their" 5th position and your opponent will travel to "your" 15th.
However, the opponent has the right to refuse the fight, it is up to the challenger to persuade the person to accept the challenge. If the fighter who was challenged wins, it means, in addition to another notch on the stock, a normal shift in the rank. Fighters outside the TOP 5 cannot challenge a champ and a contender.


There are 2 matches waiting for a newcomer, thanks to which their position in the leaderboard will be determined. Example: you get the first opponent in the 20th position, you beat him and the next opponent will be the 15th. If you also beat him, you get their position, if you lose you will be ranked somewhere between the 10th and 20th position in the leaderboard. Newcomers do not have the option of the Challenges and cannot be applied to them.


The contender is the only one who can go to the title fight with the champ, after defending his position once, against someone from the TOP 5.
If the contender loses against one of the top 5, they moves to the 5th place and the one who defeated them takes the position of Contender


As you already know, in order to fight for the title, you must become a Contender and defend this position. Then a title fight awaits you in the given weight at the earliest opportunity. If the champ is called by someone who does not meet this and the champ accepts, for the challenger it means a normal shift / fall in the rank while the champ remains in his position.

✍️All important info can be found in the announcement section on the GEFL Facebook page

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